Program Guides

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine Program Guides contain required and recommended textbook lists for MBS and MD courses for the current academic year:

Learning Modules

These learning modules are embedded into student curriculum:

Textbook Resources

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine Library strives to provide all of your required and recommended textbooks on reserve in print or electronic format (or both when available)!

Want to purchase your textbooks? Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine does not have a bookstore. Students may purchase textbooks through Amazon or other retailers of their choice.

Library Study Space

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine Library was designed as a large, open space. There are two types of study areas in the library space: Quiet and Silent.

Quiet Study Area

The Quiet Study Area is located near the library staff work area. Library staff may need to speak with each other or take phone calls for work-related reasons throughout the day. If this will disrupt you, we ask that you move to the Silent Study Area or book a study room in another part of the building.

Silent Study Area

During our work hours, Library Staff members actively monitor the noise levels in the entire library space (including our own work space). After staffed hours, we ask students to self police the noise levels using the red "Silence Please" signs located throughout the Silent Study Area.

Please be considerate of others who are studying in the library.

Other Student Resources

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